Items you will need & may want:

  • Bedroll, pillow & blanket (we will have additional pillows and blankets)
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Floor or  yoga mats
  • Comfortable cloths for inside & outside according to the weather
  • Gloves and scarf (for cooler/cold days)
  • Inside & outside footwear (you may be barefoot or sock-feet inside the main space).
  • Towel & minimal natural toiletries.
  • Water bottle (we are on a private well system with no chemicals but you may wish to have your own)
  • Personal empowerment object- Something you relate to specifically.(e.i: mine is a sigil ring)
  • Journal (we do not recommend using electronic devices, if it can be avoided.)
  • Any specific foods/snacks: we will provide some food/snacks (but you will most likely not feel like eating)
  • Any crystals, stones or altar items (we do recommend bringing at least one altar item)
  • Any creative materials, paper, paints, pencils.

**Please keep any electronic devices to a minimum. We do not recommend them at all during journey, unless there is an emergency contact needed with the outside world.

We also mention that you might bring a memory donation or contribution to the temple/land. Candles, incense or other tokens to the altar and land, in order to honor the special healing work being done here. 


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