We have worked with people in preparation for their journeys, with guidance during the journey, and with re-integrations after ceremonial sessions and beyond. Plant medicine can be one of the most important part of one’s soul journey, and it has much to teach us. Many people go into sessions unprepared. More often than not, those who have journeyed struggle to integrate their experience after ceremony causing needless personal pain and suffering and also affecting those around them such as family and friends.

You are not alone, you have support. Whether you are preparing for a visionary experience or if you are desiring an deeper activation ceremony, we know these other-worldly realms well, and can guide you to where spirit wants you to be. 


Three types of guidance regarding your Sacred Journeys:

  1. You are curious, have not made the decision to do a visionary plant medicine and need straight advice.
  2. You have made the decision, want to be solidly prepared beforehand and you want knowledgeable & support during your journey.
  3. You have already had a plant medicine experience and you want to better integrate the experience into your life; and/or you want to use it as a new starting point for deeper personal development & transformation.


Our direct work with you consists of:

  • Spiritual and physical preparation.
  • Assessing the types of medicines that are better suited for you, according to your astrological imprint.
  • Planning for the timing of your journey based on energetic & planetary influences.
  • Preparing set & setting- the space and environment for your experience.
  • Guidance, facilitation and ceremonial grounding during your healing.
  • Recuperation during reentry into the body.
  • Reintegration and reorientation of the new awareness in the days following a journey.


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