Illumination: The Cosmic Dance            

Modern Worship in the Urban Temple

“Where current culture meets ancient wisdom through the practice of

conscious music and ecstatic dance”

Facilitated by astrologers Shannon Gill & Russell von Ohlhausen, ‘Illumination’ is a “cosmic mass” of stellar proportions! A communal dance ritual journey that has been sculpted as a ‘next step’ of the Ecstatic Dance movement. ‘Illumination’ emphasizes the ‘sacred altared space’ as the celestial vessel, where we alchemize our connection with the planets, stars, and cosmic forces. ‘Illumination’ catalyzes the body so that we may each better incorporate the ‘light’.

In our ceremonial container, we will co-create this life-affirming elixir through sound, light, movement and our connection to the senses. We will seduce your soul into a vibratory experience that connects us to prime source, activating our hearts, and cleansing the energetic unified field. Through the dance, bodies unfold & express in an act of cosmic reverence, inviting greater flow of conscious light, permeating the cells, so we each may become more activated star-seeds.

‘Illumination’ is more than just a dance. ‘Illumination’ is ceremony, celebration, a ritual of consciousness and a progressive evolution of mind-body-spirit. The Dance of Life.

This is a sacred ceremony, the body is the temple and the music and dance, the prayer.


What to expect:

  • The Altared Space: Masculine & Feminine
  • Astrological Theme
  • Lighting and Projection


The Form

  • A ritual container
  • Purification and intention setting
  • Wave of a musical journey
  • Safe container to work with and move all spectrums of energy


Guidelines for the Dance:

  • We abstain from talking on the dance floor to open ourselves up to higher vibration
  • The space is for you to express; respect of boundaries is upheld
  • We dance barefoot in order to feel our connection to the earth


What you might wear: 

  • Clothing you feel comfortable to move in
  • We encourage creative expression in your choice of clothes; BE your archetype of the moment!


What you might bring:

  • A temporary altar item (not to be left)
  • Your intentions
  • Open heart and non-judgement
  • Instruments if you wish


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