Modern Worship in Urban Temples

“Where current culture meets ancient wisdom through the practice of conscious music and ecstatic dance”



What is Rhythm Sanctuary?

Rhythm Sanctuary is an inter-generational free form ecstatic dance ritual held in a safe and sacred space to transcend the mind and the daily rhythms that we may open our bodily vessels up to the flow of higher energies. This extraordinary environment invites transcendence from our mundane states which initiates healing, integration of the mind/body/spirit, summoning of spiritual visions, and expands our capacity for joy, connection and ecstasy- while deepening our connection to community.  

We gather with family, friends and and new folks of all ages and all walks, of life to excavate and honor what has been utilized as community medicine by indigenous cultures around the world since the beginning of time.  We integrate non-dogmatic elements of ancient and modern ritual respecting all wisdom traditions, creating a spiritual environment while implementing artfully crafted music from around the globe that invokes the deeper essence of our being to come out to ‘play’ that we may be guided on a journey of depth and expansion.

This space provided is for self exploration, personal and collective healing, and celebration.  We are passionate about creating our sanctuary in order to elicit  ‘altered’ states of consciousness naturally, without the use of drugs and alcohol. “Bliss and ecstasy”…which are our birthright!

Our sanctuary inspires caring for self and others, playfulness, creativity, and is also a safe container to experience and move through more difficult emotions and energies.  Toxicity hides in the crevices of our body, bones and blood. Intentional vibration coupled with a prayerful container and self-guided intuitive movement catalyzes the release and detoxification of denser energies.  We are a village and we must laugh, cry, heal and celebrate together!


Many new friendship are made at Rhythm Sanctuary which extend into our ordinary worlds.
Our environment is co~created by members of our community coming together to create “sacred space” as they are inspired. We consider “creating the space” to be as meaningful and as much an act of devotional practice as the dance itself. This is your “church”.  You are the attendant, as well as the Priest.

We infuse our love of the dance offering into every aspect of creating the experience and at any given time you can see this reflected on the dance floor. It is not uncommon to witness participants meditating, making prayers, intentions, or reading cards at the altars.


What can I expect?

No special dance background is necessary, there are trained dancers as well as those who have never danced before. You may see participants in complete stillness, practicing yoga, drumming or rattling, leaping and playing, releasing emotions, moving on the floor in contact improvisation, or sounding and clapping in spontaneous response to one another or the music.

The dance ritual itself is held in non-verbal reverence. We offer this to invite the deeper parts of our being to rise to consciousness, as well as practicing a new way of expressing that is different from our ordinary day to day communications. Here we may meet each other eye to eye, hand to hand, heart to heart or simply notice one another in passing. There are no expectations and we encourage authenticity, trust, exploration, and the freedom to emotionally express oneself.

We are vessels of divine consciousness. The alchemy of Rhythm Sanctuary’s extraordinary elements allows us to summon, integrate, experience, and ‘BE the LIGHT’ in every cell of our being!  “As above, so below”.  It is time on the planet that we open ourselves up fully to our capacity to be the channels of Love that we truly are and share it exponentially!


Different Dances for Different Audiences 

We are creating dances for our many communities:

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