-The Week Prior to Your Journey:

  • Avoid television, radio, most social media
  • Minimize computer browsing and cell phone use (take care of your business before the day of ceremony)
  • Avoid strenuous outdoor work or muscle workouts
  • Utilize yoga, moderate dance, stretching, Tai Chi, etc
  • Avoid personal dramas, gossip, work
  • Meditate, practice mindfulness & focused compassion, prayer and contemplation
  • Avoid places and themes with “lower vibrations”, bars, clubs, pornography, etc
  • Elimante synthetic oils, soaps, scents
  • Wrap up any pressing or urgent matters
  • Keep your mindset generally positive the days before
  • Be pondering your reason for this journey
  • Think upon a concern you need to let go in order to be free for this journey


** We personally feel that the preparation mind work is absolutely essential before the journey. The more you can do this the week before the ceremony the better. 



Setting an intention and letting go of any attachment to a specific outcome, allows us to guide where we put our energy and cultivate a mindfulness of our efforts. An intention is simply an impulse, which gives structure and direction to creative energy.
Expectation is a hope that something will happen. Something is always happening and will happen for you, but it need not take the form of what you have on the surface of your thoughts.

If your intentions are pure and in a place where connecting with this part of you isn’t merely to ‘trip’ but to grow, to heal, to evolve, to discover parts of you that you have yet to connect with, and have lost touch with, you will be shown secrets of the cosmic mind.. your cosmic mind.

If your intentions and attitude when approaching your sacred journey ceremony are about inner work, healing, and in some way or another, your evolution and growth process, you will have the energy needed to reach another stage of personal advancement.

After you feel your intention, the next step to prepare is to let go of all expectations from what you will experience. You can either have a blissful experience with depths of love, compassion, knowledge and peace of of this eternal existence, be shown the depths of the soul, boundless and timeless as you are taken to the edge of the abyss and come back with an indescribable understanding of the secrets of the duality of Godhead beyond ego death OR you can be crushed into pieces by the fear of loosing who you “think” you are…

It is very important to “get your mind right” and into a positive state of openness when going into any journey of this kind.

** Part of our ceremony is the “Setting of Intentions” and the “Burning of Concern” for the duration of the journey.


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