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“ASTRAM-Sanskrit, the supreme celestial ‘weapon’ of knowledge of the stars by which one achieves perfection.”

What is ASTRAM…? Astram is an idea, an initiative, an urge to go beyond the isolated astrologer studying alone, the local association you visit on occasion or the national organization you may belong to; its a chance to think BIGGER about astrology.

  • Astram is a global alliance. Astram is a community network for organizations, groups & astrologers of all levels. 
  • Astram is connecting local level organizations through a system of affiliations Astram’s mission is to serve and strengthen the astrological community at large.
  • Astram is a teaching, a school of thought, a curriculum. Astram Academy is an emerging platform for scientific spiritual astrological education and higher awareness.
  • Astram is a professional order giving recognition to distinguished astrologers and academics in the community.

In this group forum, we are here to share information about our various events and connect the leaders who are interested in building their community network for local groups, workshopping, statewide and regional seminars and retreats, by strengthening our connections with other astrologers and enthusiasts in the different regions.

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