RITES of the SUN
The Evolution of Light

Align the Internal Self with the External Self and discover the Eternal Self...

Answers to some of the deeper mysteries inside us and in our world...

Through knowledge, wisdom and experience of spiritual development...

Your Birth Alchemy

The Planets & the energies of their dance guide our physiological & psychological development. Come learn what the cosmos has created in you.


What are we doing here in this body, in this life, in this experience? Find out more about the possibilities of what it is all about, and what it means to you.

Through the Veil

What lies beyond the veil life & death? What is at the core of our dream world? What is the matrix of this reality? And how do we move between these worlds?

Sacred Medicine

Gaining access to higher awareness of the self and the sacred dimensions through personal work with planet medicine…


A little bit about my work and path....

Russ von OHLHAUSEN is a “transpersonal” ontological consciousness catalyzation counselor and astrological researcher in the meta-science fields. His work reflects a lifetime study of science, religions, myths, metaphysics & most importantly nature —and what they reveal about consciousness and human behavior. In 2005, Russell founded the Foundation for Spiritual Advancement, which has since evolved into The Shift Foundation, a 501.C.3 non-profit organization. He is currently working with transpersonal healing modalities within both the standard scientific and non-standard meta-science realms, using astro-psychology, entheogenic guidance,  and sound-light healing techniques to explore consciousness. But there is a whole-lot-more….


With the Knowledge of Who and What you truly are..